Pinseløp Dag-1 (08.06.2019)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 5.38 km
Tid: 32:20 HR: 163
Maksimum HR: 186
Pretty ok race but a few scruffy bits and one larger mistake.
Legs feeling ok but a bit heavy after half marathon last weekend still.

2-Dropped a bit low to the marsh (20sec)
4-Poor 2nd half got a bit lost (20sec)
5-Quite an awkward leg but didnt look at my compass properly and ended up on wrong path. Then didnt run up high enough and got confused (70sec)
8-Round was faster
10- Stopped a bit before was probably the hardest control.
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Pinseløp Dag-1 (08.06.2019) Pinseløp Dag-1 (08.06.2019)