Norwegian Spring Long (07.04.2019)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 15.2 km
Tid: 83:49 HR: 165
Maksimum HR: 196
Better than yesterday, and pretty happy but some things to improve.

-Another shaky start, started quite hard and almost missed 1 and was struggling with the 1:15000 scale, meaning a dodgy route to 2. Began to get into it on the way to 3.
-2nd part of routechoice to 3 was not good and poorly excecuted. Rough yellow symbol was quite runnable.
-Missed 4 30sec
-Missed 8 30sec.
-Good section in the easy bit ;)
-13 took the wrong routechoice and shows as a 45sec mistake, should have gone staight, also stopped too early.
-15 took a very good routechoice
-Last section very good, routechoice to 23 decided to stay as close to the line on paths as possible, though missed one path route and ended up cutting through green, easier to see on screen than 1:15000!

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Norwegian Spring Long (07.04.2019) Norwegian Spring Long (07.04.2019)