Norwegian spring middle (06.04.2019)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 6.91 km
Tid: 39:13 HR: 168
Maksimum HR: 188
Very scrappy at the start was going almost overspeed. Have had two sessions of mass start night racing and was trying to go at a similar pace. Resulted in plenty of misses at the start on 1, 3, 8 etc. Had somebody with an extremely similar course (E3) starting at the same time and saw he was ahead after8, ran too fast out of 8 without a plan and tried to relocate resulting in a massive parallel error and stupid mistake on quite an easy control. Had some good legs today but lots of very bad ones, room for improvement!!
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Norwegian spring middle (06.04.2019) Norwegian spring middle (06.04.2019)