NC Jaktstart (14.10.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 8.28 km
Tid: 55:07 HR: 168
Maksimum HR: 189
Was 30sec down on clubmate Eirik and Isak Bergset.

Started like a maniac and caught him and Isak at 1, 500m leg or so. Then tried to relax on way towards 2 to get my breath back. But then they made a mistake and I hadn't been map reading at all. Got what I deserved, Eirik got away leaving me Isak and Simen Wastlund, who caught us up. Emil Grankvist had made some mega mistakes on 1 and 2 so never caught us up.

Eirik then made another mistake alone in front and after a terrbible routechoice Isak was dropped leaving me catching Eirik and Simon. I then tried some different routechoices to Eirik and almost got a gap before 17 where I stopped too early. Felt awful towards the end after last nights efforts and the brutal start, and gave up on the sprint finish. Quite a shit race haha.
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NC Jaktstart (14.10.2018) NC Jaktstart (14.10.2018)