NM Relay 3rd Leg (16.09.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 8.54 km
Tid: 54:05
Gj.sn. HR: 162
Maksimum HR: 178
Nydalen 3rd team. Our 1st leg had some big problems and we were 44th after 1st leg (top 10 was a realistic goal for the team). After 2nd leg we were 27th. I finished in 18th although not really satisfied with my run... again....

Started well and by 11 had caught a bunch of teams and was in a big train. Tried to get away to 12 but then overshot the control and was at the back again.

After arena run through I thought that the last loop was ungaffled. I followed Hans Gunnar into the wrong gaffle but then realised and found my own losing maybe 1min. Then messed up the next gaffle as well.

Now was just me and Sølberg and Espen Jakobsen was a long way in the distance. Managed to get infront of Sølberg but couldnt vcatch the train and Bojan. Ended 18th, could have been 14th ah well.
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NM Relay 3rd Leg (16.09.2018) NM Relay 3rd Leg (16.09.2018)