NM Middle Qual (14.09.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 3.9 km
Tid: 29:03
Gj.sn. HR: 103
Maksimum HR: 132
Was in a very tough heat this year and knew that I would need a good race with under 1min mistakes to make it.

Did a big warm up of 4.5km and lots of intervals but legs still half asleep on the way up to 1. Pushed as hard as possible but had a small directional blip avioding the big hill and was 20sec down on the leg.

Think I knew this and then went quickly out of the control avioding some green. I checked and double checked my compass but wasn't enough and I slid off the line. Was looking too much at the runnability. Took a bit too long to relocate and eventually got the control. (+42sec).

Now my adrenaline level was sky high and I really smashed it as hard as I could and had quite a few good splits over the next few legs.

The round routechoice to 7 was very safe and a nice control entry but in reality cost me another 20sec.

Rest of course good and pushing very hard.

Wualified with a 9sec window (maybe just over 1min mistakes)... Phew....
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NM Middle Qual (14.09.2018) NM Middle Qual (14.09.2018)