NM Long (13.09.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 15.67 km
Tid: 103:32
Gj.sn. HR: 176
Maksimum HR: 191
Good to 1st control... then pretty average/bad. Not been good since WOC, mix of poor training and not enough orienteering.

Poor line to out of 1 and super hesitant into control.

3 Made a parallel error off another fairly open spur, ended up too high (+45sec)

5 mis-interpreted the control position and stopped way too high and early (+1min)

6 bounced off a semi open area, but were enough trees to mark it white, did an extra loop (+45sec)

7 straight over hill instead of nice line to E of red line (+45sec)

8 Stopped too early (+30sec)

9 Was aiming for number 12 and only realised where 9 was when I already was halfway, should have taken the path route. Also lost control completely a few 100m before control. Found Isac Bergset and relocated. Vegard Danielson caught me 6mins at this control. (+2.5-3mins)

Rest of course a bit better running in a pack but still lost time on 11 and 20. (+90sec)

Felt OK when finishing but actually was a lot of small stupid mistakes. maybe 7mins in total. Really not good enough, feeling quite good physically so will see if I can improve.
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NM Long (13.09.2018) NM Long (13.09.2018)