EOC 2018 Long (14.05.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 17.67 km
Tid: 106:00
Gj.sn. HR: 176
Maksimum HR: 198
Pleased with my race. Not many mistakes and felt pretty good physically. Race wasn't quite as tough as expected, but still pretty wrecked at the finish.

1-4: Quite an easy start. Mostly looking at routechoice 4-5.

4-5: Picked the best routechoice. Hard to see small path.

9-10: Routechoce error, didn't see lower path, was focusing on later legs and lost maybe 1min here.

12-13: Took the best routechoice. South was maybe ok as well.

24-25: Rasmus had almost caught me at 24 but I was sure of my routchoice to 25, looked back and saw he had chosen the same.

25-29: Rasmus came past on descent to 25. Was behind him until a small mistake on 29 (30sec) I got infront.

30-3end: Trying to hold onto Rasmus, was good to chase somebody on this last section to keep motivation up.

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EOC 2018 Long  (14.05.2018) EOC 2018 Long  (14.05.2018)