10mila 2018 (30.04.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Etappe: long night
Distanse: 18.95 km
Tid: 110:32
Gj.sn. HR: 160
Maksimum HR: 191
Went out about 13mins down. 4mins or so behind IFK Goteborg, who was the last of the teams with superstars on ling night.
Luckily went out just behind Dag Blandkjenn (KOK), Alain Denzler (Jarla) and a non orienteer from Arla.

Alain Denzler immediately took the lead and was running very hard. He was making mistakes into the first controls but me and Dag didn't follow. Eventually we managed to get away on a routechoice to 6. In hindsight north was better but at the time it seemed like a good idea to get rid of this crazy guy from Jarla.

Dag said he was going right on the long leg so I agreed. Previously had considered the powerlines but didn't want to lose Dag as he was running very fast. He almost dropped me on the path to 9.

Had hoped to see 11 on the way to 9 but missed it. Then made a 90sec mistake, from the GPS it looks like we were right on top of it, a lot of people missed this control.

Next section was good with a minor mistake on 14.

By 20 I was getting tired and had a slightly dodgy stomach, Dag was pulling away so I ran really hard up the hill to catch him. We ended up way left and then climbed a cliff (probably 1min routechoice mistake). Arla had been behind me the entire way until now. He didn't make it up the cliff and then had to wait like 30mins for the next train haha.

Finished and in total had lost 12mins to the fastest teams who were running together in a big group. Quite pleased with my run considering and was good to have Dag in front the entire way keeping the pace high.
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10mila 2018 (30.04.2018) 10mila 2018 (30.04.2018)