Stigtomta e2 (14.04.2018)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Knektbråten
Distanse: 12.29 km
Tid: 68:46 HR: 171
Maksimum HR: 194
Fun race, went out in a pack with most teams.
Poor direction out of 1 following a group. Then a little miss on 3 put me at the back.
Going towards 7 I lost control, initially though I was on the path but actually in marsh. Regained control on marshes south on the slope but then followed the group too high towards the wrong gaffle. Looked down and thought the marsh was a lot closer and really didn’t know where the control could be (actually I was higher up). I looked to see if Sverre Kaas was in the large group punching the control, didn’t see him but saw Rasmus who kindly told me where I was.

I then ran extremely hard to catch 90sec on the leading group which I made up by 12-13. On the next gaffle I was more luckily and ended up in a group with just Anders and saw the other group make a mistake.
Rest of the course was running fast but carefully behind Anders, no more gaffles but was quite scared to miss one again so took quite a lot of time to check codes and orienteer properly.
Good experience! Bring on 10mila!!
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Stigtomta e2 (14.04.2018) Stigtomta e2 (14.04.2018)