NM Ultra (20.08.2017)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Kart/område: Kvamskogen
Distanse: 26.94 km
Tid: 169:44
Gj.sn. HR: 162
Maksimum HR: 183
NM Ultralang
Tough and fun day out. Beautiful terrain and some tricky routechoice. No mistakes entering controls, but some routechoice concentration blips and some poor routechoices. Got caught by Anders Nordberg at 15, and stayed behind to the finish. Felt great physically the entire way. Pretty happy!

2-Didn’t see the road routechoice to the right until halfway to 2. Regretted not taking it.

3,4,5- Quite tricky controls but was very careful and didn’t lose time.

6-Didn’t climb enough after passing 2 and ended up with a big banana +30secs

8-Decided to go pretty straight, but poor execution. Hit the lake at wrong place. Then saw an unmarked cairn and made a parallel error. Couldn’t find the path down and ended up base jumping down some big cliffs. +2mins maybe

11-15: Another good period with good flow and routechoices. Found some good patches of runnability.

16: Anders caught me at 15 which I ran back to punch after forgetting while eating an energy gel. I had initially thought about going pretty straight, weak left. However, Anders was going pretty fast and said he was taking the long left (I had also seen local legend Rune Nygård taking this routechoice while I was on my way to 11) so I just sat behind Anders. In hindsight, I think that the straight option was better.

18: I had looked at this leg earlier and decided absolutely to run left. Straight looked awful. Anders also went this way out of the drinks point so I sat behind again.

19: Another drinks point which Anders exited rapidly on a left routechoice I hadn’t seen. I started on my planned route straight/right but then bottled it and smashed it after Anders. I think Anders’ route was good with a path all the way. I regret not being a bit more independent at this point. However it is tough to be independent with such a good runner in front…

20: Spent a lot of time looking for a routechoice other than the right via ski slope. I was tempted by the left choice but it looked quite green and steep. Eventually Anders ran right so I followed. I had the fastest leg time(!) so I think his routechoice was good.

21-Finish: Was careful on the last few controls, and didn’t make mistakes. Fell quite hard on the downhill but just about managed to keep Nordberg in sight.

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NM Ultra (20.08.2017)