Danish Spring Middle (19.03.2016)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 8.43 km
Tid: 43:11
Gj.sn. HR: 177
Maksimum HR: 188
Not too satisfied with this one. Almost 3 mins of mistakes, sloppy orienteering.

6- went for the straight routechoice. Was no bridge and went up to my neck in an ice cold marsh. THis was the worst marsh experience I have ever had haha, was cold for the next few controls +30sec

11- Tried to run over the green hill rather than around the path. But was incerdibly thick and slow in this forest. +30sec

12-Slightly left then thought I saw the control, was girls control. +30sec

13- Dickhead running around path, lost another 30sec to PH.

23- A fast finnish guy caught me 2 mins and blindly followed him and we both messed up this control by 45 sec.
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Danish Spring Middle (19.03.2016)