Samling training 6 (02.07.2016)
Kategori: Konkurranse
Distanse: 9.84 km
Tid: 76:32 HR: 154
Maksimum HR: 185
Varegg Samling training6

1man relay mass start training, but PH and Oskar were tired and ran slowly so I was alone.
Map was quite poor on the slope, but still 3 and 4 were bad from me. A parallel error off an unmarked crag on 3, which then set me badly up for 4. (No controls out)

7-8 lazy with direction again running downhill, something to work on.

Poor direction to 13. But was pushed this way by terrain, and another parallel error off a crag (common theme).

18-19: Getting tired, direction could have been better, but plan was to pick up contact after the stream, and this was fine.
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Samling training 6 (02.07.2016)