Cherrymapz :D :D :D

good mapz!!! many rootz!! faaaaaaaaaasttt

British championships  (22.05.2018)
Had been feeling better after EOC long for the last couple of days and was quietly confident about this race. Had really good legs...
EOC 2018 Long  (14.05.2018)
Pleased with my race. Not many mistakes and felt pretty good physically. Race wasn't quite as tough as expected, but still pretty ...
EOC Middle Qualifier 2018 (08.05.2018)
Very nervous before start of the race but had a good warm up and was pretty focused at the start. In general a good race and was p...
10mila 2018 (30.04.2018)
Mandag 30 April 2018
Etappe long night|Resultat
Went out about 13mins down. 4mins or so behind IFK Goteborg, who was the last of the teams with superstars on ling night. Luckil...
Stigtomta Oppen9 (15.04.2018)
Moderate speed revisit of some of last nights controls in the beautiful terrain.
Stigtomta e2 (14.04.2018)
Lørdag 14 April 2018
Fun race, went out in a pack with most teams. Poor direction out of 1 following a group. Then a little miss on 3 put me at the ba...
Norwegian EOC middle selection race (07.04.2018)
Felt OK at start but legs a bit heavy following 2 weeks without running due to a foot injury Started ok but felt what I thought ...
Middle training race (06.01.2018)
Middle training race. Quite a lot of snow and hard to run in places. Pretty bad start with poor routechoice to 1, mistake on 2 (th...
Night mass start (05.01.2018)
Fredag 5 Januar 2018
Great fun mass start training on one of the best areas near oslo. Was quite snowy though whih slowed us down a bit. In the green a...