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Halden TC N4: Longrun with gutta (2019-01-13)
Nice langtur with 3others. Took one leg each and had a nice time. Great map and good way to finish a cool camp in totally awesome ...
Halden TC N3 Night (2019-01-12)
This was a kind of meditation for me, totally o-gasmic!! Maybe ran a bit too straight on some legs and could have picked some line...
Halden TC 2: Halden day cup (2019-01-12)
Was very happy with this, a few things I would change (some hesitations and routechoice) but basically I was running like a total ...
Halen TC Night training (2019-01-11)
NIght session, really really nice terrain and totally snow free(!). Bit shaky at the start but got into it.